Hello there, and welcome to my blog. I have a habit of starting blogs, writing a couple of posts, getting bored and then just generally forgetting about them. However, I’m determined to make a go of this one.

It is also quite nice to be writing something that isn’t an essay. Don’t misread me, I’m thoroughly enjoying my Final Year at University, but the intensity does take its toll after a while. Coursework is unrelenting as it comes at you thick and fast, there is still reading to do for tomorrow’s lecture, and then after that, there is the dissertation to think about. And amongst all of this, there is the daunting thought, what happens when I graduate?

I like to think that I’m coping with it all quite well, and I also like to think that I usually appear to be someone who is stress-free and also really organised. Although, underneath the stress-free façade is someone who is pacing corridors, pulling his hair out and panicking about nearly everything. Indeed, I’m always reminded of a conversation with a friend back in August, just when I was gearing up for the start of my Third and Final Year. My friend – who is now studying for his PhD, incidentally – said: “Good luck for Third Year, you’ll need it. It is mental.” I simply laughed it off, not taking any notice, believing that it surely couldn’t be that “mental”. Here we are in December and yes, it has been more than mental… And I’m only half way through.

So, anyone reading my blog (if there is anyone out there) should therefore prepare for venting of stress, opinions and just generally any postings that takes my fancy as I occasionally try to take five minutes away from the stress of studying. Stick around, you may even quite enjoy what you’re reading… possibly.

Until the next time.



4 thoughts on “Welcome.”

  1. 3rd year is insane. There is barely time to breathe if you want anything above a 2.2. I have a lot of respect for the people who get 2.1’s and above, it’s a hard slog but worth it and it does end eventually. (Sciberras, 2013)

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