We don’t all go out partying.

We don't all go out partying.

It is always good seeing an old friend of mine while he is at work. He works in a betting shop and alas, I used to work in the same place as him. As such, it is always good to go and catch up with him with a cup of tea and discuss the issues of the day.

Nevertheless, it is always an occupational hazard while I’m visiting him that one of my old regular customers will come and ask me about how things are going at University. Normally, this is not a problem, as most of them are just making polite conversation, or they even be genuinely interested!

Indeed, “Why is this an occupational hazard?”, I hear you ask. As such, every now and then, the above conversation is followed by an odd remark such as: “I’ve seen you student type, always out partying,” or “It must be hard doing nothing but go out drinking every night.” Another one recently was: “I’m paying for your degree with my tax money while you go out and enjoy yourself.”

I find it more and more difficult to suppress the growing anger I feel inside when I hear one of these snide remarks. How I yearn to go in to a fit of rage and lecture people about how I am daily stuck in the Uni Library from 9am until 5pm, stopping only for lectures. After 5pm, I go home, make myself some dinner, do some more work and then go to sleep, ready for the next day. Hardly a party lifestyle, surely? If I wanted to spend three years partying, then I would not have bothered going to University.

And as for the taxpayer paying for my degree, it is a loan. I will have to pay it back one day, and the sooner I can pay it off, the better.

I admit that Universities nowadays are linked with the drinking and partying culture. I am not against the idea of going out drinking; I would like to think that I have a decent social life myself. However, what I am trying to say, is that – contrary to popular opinion – not all students go to University just to spend three years in a nightclub. The sooner this stereotype vanishes, the better.

Apologies for my rant.


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