The place where we all return to.

The place where we all return.

Travelling to Paris for New Year’s Eve was a superb experience. Lots of photos were taken, lots of landmarks were marvelled at. However, one particular spot that caught my eye was this one by the River Seine, not far down from Notre Dame. In amongst a line of market stalls was this small commemorative plaque, saying: ‘On the 20th of August, 1944, Peacekeeper René Sitterlin died here for the liberation of Paris‘.

Without reading too much into the history of what happened, you already know that this is a special spot. This spot, commemorating a man who gave his life for his country, will hold a special place in his family’s heart, will remind some people about how times were less prosperous, and will also act as a reminder to his compatriots about just how much they owe to him and all the others who died in the line of service.

As such, this spot got me thinking. It made me think about how we all have a spot somewhere. It does not necessarily have to be a ‘favourite’ spot as such, but a spot where we stop and think about life. It might not have a plaque like above, it may not even be dedicated to someone special, but it is still our spot. We may go there to remember family, relive memories with friends, or simply just to think things through. Nevertheless, we go there because that place means something to us, and we go there to feel at peace.

My spot is a beach, about a mile away from my hometown. I find that while I am there, I always manage to think things through and put life into perspective. I have not been back there for a while, and I regret that. However, I still think of that place, and I plan on returning soon.

Do not misread me, I am not trying to equate a beach with a place where a man has died for his country. But what I am trying to say, is that we all have the place we return to when life takes a turn for the worse, as I do to that beach, and as I am sure that Mr. Sitterlin’s family do to this spot above.


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