Neknominate? No.

Neknominate? No.

You’ll have to forgive me for being an old and cynical git now. And yes, I am still a student, contrary to what the tone of this post might suggest.

However, there is a new craze doing the rounds at Uni and also on social media at the moment, and it is a craze that I am finding most infuriating. This craze is known as ‘Neknominate’, or ‘nekominate’, or God knows what else (It’s all explained on the link below).

This craze involves being ‘neknominated’ by someone to down a pint (although, certain videos show people downing considerably more) of a vile concoction of alcohol, on a video to be posted online, and then nominate someone to do the same within 24 hours. The concoction of alcohol varies, although I did overhear on campus of a pint made of Vodka, Lager, Bitter, Sambuca, Lemon Juice, and just for good measure, Vinegar.

This ‘neknomiate’ business really hacks me off. Young people and students get a lot of bad press nowadays, and posting videos online of ourselves getting slaughtered will not help. Furthermore, where does it all stop? The stuff that is being consumed in these videos will only get more and more stupid, and someone somewhere will soon drink something that will really do some harm.

Finally, what do you do when the future employer of your dream job finds that video of you online? What will have seemed like a good idea at the time, will actually strike you for what it really is: a really stupid idea.

Rant over.


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