From Zero to Hero

I was having a session of deep thought earlier, and as such, I thought I would share it with the world… if there is anyone out there, that is. Indeed, while procrastinating from uni work, I came across this quote:


Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something‘. – Morihei Ueshiba


I couldn’t agree more with this quote. Everybody has a down moment every now and then. We all make mistakes; to err is human, after all. I’ve had several of these moments in my 21 years. It could happen when you’re playing in goal for your local football team, when you make an absolute howler and end up conceding a goal, much to the disarray of your team-mates (this occurred almost every week in my youth). It may even happen at school, college or university, when a piece of your work, that you thought was ace, comes back with a really bad grade. Even in the relationships in our life, sometimes we just completely bugger it up.


These are times in which we find things difficult. However, success is never so far removed, no matter how bad things get. We are not defined by our failures or wrongdoings, we are defined by how we bounce back from them. As long as you keep trying, then you will save a penalty one day. You will get that A* at school, or even that First at university. Confidence and self-belief will always bring out the best in us, and help us go from zero to hero.


Apologies for my session of deep thought. Apologies for the goalkeeper analogy as well… That one is quite personal to me.


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