It’s been a while.

I’d forgotten about this blog for a little while. The demands of University are still ever stressful. Many sleepless nights have been had, but luckily, no grey hairs have appeared. Yet.

“What’s new?”, I hear you ask. I’m off to Israel at the weekend on a fieldtrip with Uni. Exciting, eh? It’ll be nice to grab some first-hand experience of life there. It’ll also be nice to get away from the wind and rain. Although, having said that, it is pretty sunny outside today. As you will have guessed, I’m stuck in the library.

I’m now also over half-way through my dissertation, which is also lovely news. 6,500 words down, 5,500 to go. I’ve also branched out, I have another blog, based on all things Football (or Soccer, for my American friends): – It’s not perfect, but stick with me, I’ll get there eventually.

I will post something worthwhile on here soon. When I’m not snowed under with coursework, dissertations, or other tasks, like cleaning my flat.

Until then…


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