Third Year: A Battle With Stress

I don’t believe that I have ever been so stressed before.


It is coming towards the business end of the year now at University. Exams to revise for, dissertations to complete, future to think about… it is all very nerve-wracking indeed. I have not had it as bad compared to others. A few friends have had three or four essays due in the space of a week towards the end of March. Nevertheless, it was still quite frustrating when one said that I shouldn’t be so stressed thanks to my lack of deadlines during this time. However, April will see me prepare a presentation for a French oral exam and also hand in two dissertations – both of which have their deadlines on the same day, the day after my French exam. Thus, I am very stressed indeed.


However, it goes without saying that these will be completed well before their deadlines; I already have first draft copies completed for both.


As much as I have enjoyed it, I will be glad to see the back of this academic year. I have been running on empty for quite a while now and it will be nice to be able to switch off for a bit. Students get a lot of bad press nowadays. Whereas the stereotype is still very much embedded in alcohol and partying, not enough attention is paid to the pressures that the final year brings. For those who are in second, or even their first year, prepare yourselves, as third year is notoriously difficult to grapple with. Just when you think that you’ve got everything covered, something else pops up that needs to be done. Quite simply, there is lots of work to do, with not enough hours in the day.


Conversely, there is light at the end of the tunnel. My last exam is on the 15th of May, upon which time I will let out an almighty sigh of relief. I have given absolutely everything this year; I can only hope that it all pays off.


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