Christmas will come early.

Normally, when I get to this time of year, I begin to feel a little sad and melancholy. Indeed, you would have thought that this is due to the sense of doom that comes with the exam period. However, there is a deeper sense of grief lying within me that is always triggered when the football season nears its end. Come the end of the season, there is normally a two-and-a-half month break from the sport I love. Of course, there is always Cricket to keep me going, but nothing quite beats following Football, or discussing the latest results with your mates, speculating on who is going to win the Premier League, and more importantly, rushing home from work to catch Gary Lineker on Match of the Day. June and July are empty months without these happening.


However, this Summer I am saved, for no such pain of separation will be inflicted this year. The 2014 World Cup starts in Brazil on June 12th, and I can’t wait. Not only because it will provide a shelter from the unrelenting world of academia, but also because football will be on TV almost every night for an entire month. To say that I am already a little excited would be an understatement. I am like a little boy, counting down the days to Christmas. My World Cup sticker album is already coming on a treat. Croatia is near enough completed.




As an England fan, I’m not expecting that we will win it. Nevertheless, I am always hopeful and progression from the group stage will be a real achievement. The reduced pressure on England’s squad may even help to boost their performances. I just hope that Roy Hodgson will take a look at including some of England’s star performers in the Premier League this year (Lallana, Shaw and Barkley to name a few), rather than reverting back to out-of-form players of old.


Who do I think will win it? It surely has to be Brazil. I also secretly admire Germany. Others would disagree; I would invite anyone to try and convince me as to why it wouldn’t be either of these two. Still, why would my opinion matter?


Still, it is thanks to the World Cup that I’m not at all sad about the end of the football season and I’m sure that other football fans share my excitement. Roll on the end of exams, and more importantly, roll on June 12th, when Christmas will come early.



Image: FIFA


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